Friday, April 6, 2012

Perseverance is the Key When Marching to Zion

Although it has been a while since we have used this and we have gone through our ups and downs, we continue on to the Celestial City, that is, to Zion where we will see the face of our Lord together.

1.  As we discussed yesterday, lets both paraphrase Psalm 1 in the comments section.
2.  Listen to this sermon by Tim Keller and comment on it.  What is a disordered love as per Augustine and Keller?  How does a disordered love effect spiritual growth?  And how is it put back in order?

Let's be ready to discuss chapter 9 next time we meet.  Love you brother and thank you for your encouragement.


  1. Paraphrase of Psalm 1
    A man who has joy/contentment in God
    Will avoid the advice of ungodly co-workers
    Will not hang out/fellowship with rebellious church goers
    But his happiness comes from the Word of the Lord
    At every signal and in between, he thinks a lot about correct doctrine
    He is like a house
    Built on a foundation of conrete
    That stays strong when the flood comes
    and will not fall apart
    When he works, he will not be fired
    The same cannot be said for the ungodly
    They are like temps, who are cut off when the revenue dries up
    The bad people will fall down at the judegement
    Unrepentant people will will not be approved by God's judgement
    The Lord intimately knows His own and is involved in their lives
    But the unrepentant will perish in their sins

  2. Disordered love is loving something more than we should. A chicken roast is a good thing, but not more important than people. I should not have wealth/things be more important than people. God is the one I want my love to flow towards. People are NOT as important as God. We should have zero idols before God.

    A disordered love can/will cause us to sin. If I make a woman the object of my eye, if I make her more important/beautiful than God, I have sinned with idolatry. As Paul said, we must count all things as loss, for the surpassing value of knowing Christ Jesus crucified. However, a proper love for God will make me have a proper love for people and things.

    The more we focus on Christ, the better we will be able to see the rest of life better. Prayer is something I want to do before, during, and after all decisions of life. Asking God how I can do my job and bring glory to God. Or, as Piper "Chief end of man is to worship God by gloriying Him forever"

  3. Peseverance-thank you for being there, Erick.